Mission & values


At times when health and quality of life have gained prominence in social wellbeing, the today’s healthcare environment asks for new technologies and methods to assist in the prevention of a variety of diseases, making early and accurate diagnosis, providing effective concepts and treatments and ensuring faster patient recovery.

Beldico BV’s mission exists in its contribution to the improvement of healthcare in the areas where it operates, through the introduction and marketing of new medical devices, technologies and concepts through research and development, production and strategic partnerships with leading healthcare companies.


Beldico BV adheres to the professional and ethical standards towards all its stakeholders: patients, healthcare workers, employees, partners and shareholders.

Safety means Security – We realise that safety fits in everywhere and is integral to the success of any operation. When safety is incorporated into every aspect then everyone benefits.

Service – We are committed to our standards and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve. We do our best at all times and look continuously for ways to do it even better.

Flexible innovation – We work closely with our customers to tailor the delivery of products and concepts to meet our customers’ needs.

Accountability – We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes and mistakes